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Ukrainian Spirit NFT Collection is a charitable initiative created to support Ukrainians courageously defending their country, lives, and freedom. This beautiful nation, whose almost-unarmed resistance to Hitler served as a tipping point in the Second World War, is facing a new aggression which threatens the peace of our entire planet.
Ukraine is known for a variety of talented people in the arts, sciences, sports and IT. When hardships arise, they unite, selflessly sacrificing everything for one another, with a SPIRIT that can never be defeated!

Our exclusive collection reflects these differing aspects of Ukrainian identity — represented in unique Series of NFTs — as well as its united spirit.

Collected funds will be distributed to charitable public organizations providing humanitarian aid to Ukrainians. Our growing list of partners includes Rotary Club Kyiv International, the Ministry of Digital Transformation which provides reception and support to refugees in addition to housing, medicine, food, and other basic necessities.
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Rotary Club Kyiv International
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Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine
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